Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'd like to use a trailer to tow my surfboard. I read that this is possible with the small Y frame. Is this a permanent change to the trailer or a temporary attachement?

Ideally I think that I would like a City but but with some way to adapt it to the board when needed is this possible?

Surf boards on trailers is easy, but so far we have only done this for the Y-Frame. The change is temporary, we supply a longer handle that can be fitted in place of the standard handle. this allows the surfboard to sit on the load bed, some of it hanging out behind, some to the front. A box can also be mounted on the load bed, and the surfboard strapped above this, thus giving space for wet suit etc. The load bed needs padded.

If its occasional use rather than main use then the City will take a surfboard. Wrap pipe insulation around the trailers frame tubes, the surf board can then be placed on top of the trailer. The trick is to angle the board so its nose sticks out to the front left, and tail to the back right. By angling the board like this it can be aranged to lie along side the bikes rear wheel, and not interfere too much with the bike when turning corners. And make sure to strap the board down well. The front of the board can be protected by a piece of fabric taped onto it where the bike wheel might touch, this will stop the tyre marking the board if it accidently touches

Hope this illuminates, and sorry we have no pictures.