Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I've just bought a large y-frame trailer and think its a great design but bringing it home unladen from Oxford - the rattling was getting to me. Is there a way of stopping the arm from rattling in the frame?? I was thinking of fixing it permanently with self-tappers.
There are three causes of rattle on the Y-Frame. The hitch, where the handle meets the frame, and where the wheels meet the frame.

There are three causes of rattle on the Y-Frame. The hitch, where the handle meets the frame, and where the wheels meet the frame.

HITCH The U bracket that hooks onto the bike bracket is usualy adjusted so its two faces are slightly wider than the bike bracket. This bolt can be tightened to give a snug fit.

SPRING PINS The spring gated pins hit of the frame and rattle during use. The best solution is either to sleeve the spring part of the pin with a rubber tube, or to wrap it with electrical tape.

HANDLE/FRAME The Handle/Frame joint is a loose fit, to make sure that even if the handle is damaged it will still fit Ok. some people pack this with grease to cut down the noise, also electrical tape applied along the four edges from front to back helps. If securing permanently use rivits rather than self tapers. Use four rivits two on the top face, and two on the lead face. Two rivit should be close to the end of the handle(where it sits inside the frame), and the other Two should be close to the frame end.

If riviting also use electrical tape, or ptfe tape, or plastic strip tape to create a tight fit.
We would recomend using an M6 bolt through the existing hole rather than creating new holes for self tappers or rivits.

WHEELS This is often overlooked, but is also a source of noise. The wheels can move slightly to the left/right on their axle, and hence hit of the frame. This looseness is to make sure the axle engages properly. The easiest solution is to face the end of the frame(where the wheel hits it) with electrical tape. Alternatively tighten the axles as tight as possible making sure the axle still engages properly( the push button should pop out once engaged).

Noise from the Y-Frame bugs a lot of people but it is only really noticeable when the trailer is empty. We traded noisiness for simplicity and robustness, though in the future we aim to formalize these noise solutions I have outlined above.

Carry Freedom launched their new bicycle trailer web site today. So we have a new easiler style of web site. Our old site relied heavily on nested frames, and proved to be difficult to maintain, and google unfriendly. This new site is easier to navigate, and can hold more content. Also because it is easier to see by Google, more people will see it.